Benefits of Teen Yoga

Benefits of Teen Yoga…

As a parent of 2 teenagers, I am not alone when I say that I worry about how our teens little worlds are becoming increasingly stressful and very technology focussed.

Words like ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’ are starting to become more common in our young ones vocabulary, and it really saddens me that this is the case.

Yoga is well-known for its many benefits mentally, physically and emotionally, and recent studies have shown that this is also the case for our younger generations – kids of all ages!

So lets explore how Yoga can help teenagers at this forming stage of their lives:

1 – Lets get Physical!

Yoga develops strength, flexibility, core stability and balance in a safe, effective and non-judgemental way.

It helps to reverse the ‘hunched’ posture that is becoming widespread within our young ‘smart-phone’ population!

And of course … Yoga offers a level of physical exercise that contributes towards health and wellbeing of their vital organs as they develop.

2 – Concentration

Yoga is a very ‘mindful’ activity. Whilst moving through asanas (Yoga postures), teens are reminded how to focus on one activity at a time.

Our children lead multi-dimensional lives with so many different technological options available to them at any one time, making it increasingly difficult for them to focus on only one thing.

Increased oxygen capacity is created as their bodies learn to breathe more deeply and efficiently, leading again to better focus and clarity of thought.

3 – Dealing with Emotions

Being mindful throughout their Yoga practices, teens learn how to become more self-aware and have a greater sense of their deeper feelings and thoughts. Being able to understand their emotions, helps them to better deal with them.

Social media opens up an array of unrealistic ideals for our teens – how they should look, dress and behave. Yoga encourages self-love and compassion, which in turn helps our teens to better accept who they are and how they look – they are just as they should be!

4 – Mental Wellbeing

Teenagers who practice yoga generally have lower levels of anxiety, depression, and mood imbalances.

Yoga also improves sleep patterns when practiced regularly, contributing to better mental and physical health.

As young Yogis become more accepting of themselves through this difficult and emotional stage of their lives, they learn to be less judgmental of others too, harbouring a greater level of compassion for those around them.

5 – Sporting Performance

Teenagers that are already active can also benefit from Yoga to support their main sport, whether that be swimming, football, netball, etc.

By learning from a young age how to move from your ‘core’ and counter-balance strength work with flexibility work, teenagers growing bodies will adapt to the physical pressures placed on them during sporting activities.


Teen Yoga at Artemis is light-hearted and non-competitive. Our focus is about helping our young Yogi’s to feel good about themselves, and to enjoy the physical and mental benefits that Yoga brings to all that practice it.

Artemis Wellbeing also offers Yoga within school settings, specifically designed to help combat exam stress & anxiety. If you are a interested in finding out more, please contact Di via our ‘contact us‘ page.

Namaste! x