Crystal Therapy


Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a relaxing treatment that uses the natural energetic vibrations of each crystal to balance energies throughout our body, leading to natural healing and improved wellbeing.

Crystals are created through the formation of our earths natural minerals over time, making them truly beautiful objects with unique energetic properties. They have been recognised for their healing abilities for many thousands of years and are now becoming increasingly popular in the field of holistic therapy to promote wellbeing of the mind, body and soul. Crystal Therapy can also be combined with Reiki therapy to create a powerful healing process.

There are many benefits of crystal therapy, including relief from stress and anxiety, increased self-confidence and mental clarity, relief from some physical ailments and the reduction of emotional tension. Different coloured crystals have different properties which resonate with the human energy system known as the chakras. Rose quartz for example is associated with self-love and the healing of a broken heart and other emotional issues. Crystal Therapy can be a effective method of restoring energy in other body and energy workers such as yoga teachers and massage therapists. 

This therapy is non-intrusive and carried out fully clothed in a sitting or lying position, in one of our relaxing wellbeing treatment rooms.

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