Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a way of assessing and working with your subconscious mind. This is the part of your brain that is responsible for all your bodily functions, but it is also the source of your emotions and therefore directs all of your behaviour. Simply by reprogramming your thoughts and behaviours through a relaxed trance like state, you can create miraculous and effortless long-term changes in your life.

During the hypnotherapy treatment, you will enter a ‘trance-like’ state of deep relaxation allowing your attention to be narrowed down to focus only upon the issue you would like help with.  Appropriate suggestions will be made by the hypnotherapist empowering you to re-programme any negative or limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs.  You will then be able to address patterns of behaviour within the mind, that lead to irrational fears, negative thoughts and un-desired actions.

During the treatment, you will remain fully aware of your surroundings and situation and will be in full control at all times.  All forms of hypnotherapy are considered to be ‘self-hypnosis’ and the hypnotist merely helps to facilitate your experience to reach your own goals.

Hypnosis works at a psychological, emotional or physical level and as a result, is an effective therapy for anything from weight loss, smoking cessation, phobias to stress relief, and emotional & mental wellness.  It can be used to reduce pain, overcome additions, increase self-confidence, relieve panic attacks, reduce anxiety and relieve insomnia and other stress-related conditions.

Treatment is non-intrusive and carried out fully clothed in a sitting or lying position, in one of our beautiful wellbeing treatment rooms.

See our Hypno-birthing page to see the benefits that hypnotherapy can have during pregnancy and labour, such as shorter the delivery stage of labour and reduce the need for pain-killers.

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