“I joined Artemis well-being over two years ago and attend a mixture of yoga and Pilates . The classes cater for different abilities. The groups are full of friendly and like minded people who have a laugh and support each other.  Diane is always such a caring and motivating person who seems to intuitively know what the class needs.”

“Artemis is a little sanctuary. There are so many different types of yoga and pilates available. I attend several times a week and love the variety of classes. The teachers have all been amazing and members have been really welcoming. Since attending I have noticed my stress levels have decreased and my posture has improved. Can’t recommend Artemis enough!”

“When you arrive at Artemis Wellbeing one thing you can be assured of is is very warm welcome. Di and her wonderful team are so professional and ready to help in any way they can. There are a large variety of yoga and Pilates classes suitable for everyone. I particularly enjoy the variety of yoga classes. I can honestly say my flexibility has improved so much I have surprised myself and I also use the practices to help my relaxation. I absolutely love being with such friendly people, working out and having fun at the same time. I would strongly recommend that you come and join us all!”

“Artemis is a tranquil place in a beautiful setting, each practice is different and there is no judgement only encouragement. The most lovely people who helped me to truly discover myself 🙏 ”

“I have been attending Pilates classes at Artemis Wellbeing for a few years now, and to be honest would not go anywhere else! Di is a fantastic teacher who allows me to work within my own limits but always encourages me to improve without being too intense. She allows me to feel comfortable but always keeps a watchful eye to ensure exercises are performed correctly at all times. I find Artemis Wellbeing is a good way to de stress with its calming, friendly approach in an otherwise very busy world.”

“Artemis is more than a space for exercise, Di and her team are committed to the members offering many types of yoga, pilates and treatments. Artemis’ holistic approach results in a great sense of wellbeing and community. I have been enjoying my Yoga and Pilates journey with Artemis for over 3 years now and thank the Artemis team for the confidence and strength I believe I have gained over my time spent attending many classes. I have also found immense benefit in other services offered such as physiotherapy with Tarn and sports massage with Kirsty. Long may the Artemis family grow and thrive.”