Our boutique studio offers a diverse range of classes for ladies in their 40s, 50s and 60s. 

Everything is designed to help you restore vitality, improve strength and flexibility, alleviate joint pain, and feel happier with your body shape. 

But beyond fitness and wellbeing classes Artemis is a sanctuary — a place where you can escape the chaos of daily life and have some well-deserved time for yourself. 

To book a free trial class, take a look at the class options below and click the Book a Free Trial Class button.

Yoga Flow - Artemis Wellbeing

Yoga Flow & Core

Mondays 9.15am-10.15am

Perfect for ladies who want to move freely, with strength and confidence.

We link traditional Yoga postures together for a dynamic Yoga to encourage movement through our joints, strengthen our muscles, improve posture and improve balance for everyday life.

Our Yoga Flow class also has added core work and a delightful relaxation at the end to bring balance to the nervous system.  You will leave feeling strong and relaxed!

Pilates - Artemis Wellbeing

Pilates Pump & Tone

Wednesdays 9.15am-10.15am

The ideal class for ladies who want to eliminate joint and back pain, improve posture, build fully body strength and feel good about how their body looks.

A fun class designed to build strength & body tone using Pilates core principles.

We use a variety of equipment to strengthen the whole body to keep us mobile, active and feeling strong in everyday activities.

Shred & Stretch - Artemis Wellbeing

Shred & Stretch

Fridays 9.15am-10.15am

A great class for ladies who want to give their fitness and strength a boost, and become more flexible at the same time. 

A fun combination of HiiT and Yoga. You will leave this class feeling energised!

Yoga - Artemis Wellbeing


Tuesdays 7.30pm-8.30pm

This class is perfect for ladies who want to feel more supple to be able to move freely and also come away feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

A traditional style Yoga class designed to improve flexibility and balance the nervous system to help reduce stress and anxiety.  

Suitable for all levels including beginners.  You’ll leave feeling stretched and relaxed, followed by the best nights sleep of the week.

Yoga Relax - Artemis Wellbeing

Monthly Yin Yoga Relax

Last Sunday of Each Month 10am-11am

This monthly class is the perfect solution for ladies who want to completely relax their body and mind! 

A relaxing Yoga class where we hold poses for a little longer than traditional Yoga classes to allow the body to release tension at a deeper level.

This class is complimentary with all memberships and also open to non-members. 

Here’s what some of our ladies say about coming to class…

"Brilliant pilates and yoga classes. Been going for 18 months and absolutely love it.

Di is a fabulous teacher, patient and happy to show you how to do each move properly. I've noticed such a difference to my body since doing these classes.

We work hard but have fun too. Can't recommend highly enough."
Kerry P
"I have recently started yoga and pilates with Di. She is an excellent patient teacher and has helped to increase my confidence and ability as a beginner in these areas.

The yoga studio is in a beautiful setting and is a sanctuary of relaxation!"
Nikki W
"Artemis yoga is the perfect way to switch off and get fitter. Di has helped me mentally and physically get stronger.

The yoga classes are perfectly relaxing and if you struggle sleeping, Tuesday evening classes are the ones for you!"
Charlie B